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SASSA Reconsideration Application and Status Check 2024

In 2023, the South Africa Social Assistance and Security Agency (SASSA) continues to provide a lifeline to individuals facing declined grant applications through the SASSA Reconsideration process. If you believe your SASSA grant application was unfairly rejected or your circumstances have changed since your initial application, this guide will walk you through the steps to request a reconsideration and check the status of your application.

SASSA Reconsideration Application

The process of applying for SASSA Reconsideration is straightforward and can be done online. To initiate this process, you’ll need to submit your ID number, application ID, or reference number to the Department of Social Development Republic of South Africa. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit the Department of Social Development DSD website for appeals.
  2. Enter your 13-digit national ID number in the provided field.
  3. Input your contact number used for your original application.
  4. To verify your identity, click on “Send Pin” to receive a PIN code on your phone.
  5. Enter the received SASSA OTP Code in the designated field.
  6. You can now access the reconsideration page.
  7. Select the specific month for which you want to apply for reconsideration and provide your reasons for the declined grant reconsideration.
  8. Submit your reconsideration application and await SASSA’s response.

The SASSA review process typically takes up to 90 working days, during which you may be required to provide supporting documentation depending on your grant type.

  • SRD R350 grant applicants must demonstrate unemployment and financial need.
  • Disability and Care Dependency grant applicants may need to provide medical test results.
  • For Children grants, an affidavit may be required.
  • Old Age and War Veterans grant applicants may need to submit assets and income reports.

SASSA Reconsideration Status Check

After successfully submitting your reconsideration application, it’s essential to check your SASSA Reconsideration Status. This step ensures that you’ll stay informed throughout the review process and be aware of any updates within the 90-day processing period.

Here’s how to check your SASSA Reconsideration Status:

  1. Visit the SASSA Website to check your SASSA Reconsideration Status at https://sassastatuscheck.web.za/.
  2. Select the first tab labeled “SASSA Status Check Online.”
  3. Enter your South African ID and the phone number associated with your application.
  4. Click the “Check Now” button to view your SASSA reconsideration status.

Your status check result will provide information on which month your declined grant was reconsidered and the amount that SASSA has approved for payment. This information is officially recorded in the SASSA system under your unique App ID, which is linked to your grant application.

If your SASSA reconsideration is pending for an approved SRD reconsideration application or if you haven’t received information regarding SASSA payment dates, you can contact the SASSA complaints department at 0800601011. Provide your reconsideration Application ID to expedite the process of investigating and obtaining payment details.

In 2023, SASSA’s commitment to fairness and transparency remains steadfast, ensuring that those in need receive the support they deserve. If you find yourself in a situation where your grant application was declined or requires reconsideration, follow the steps outlined in this guide to navigate the process efficiently. Trust in SASSA’s dedication to providing social assistance to the people of South Africa.